Saturday, December 12, 2015

A New Life, of Sorts

I've been slowly transforming my life. My last job became a bit of a stress (maybe more on this later, but the result has pushed me to become an advocate for suicide prevention and railroad safety) and I was eventually let go along with all but one of the original employees. The company is still around, but going through tough times. Having been at the "new" job for just over a year now, and looking at getting a new roommate and changing careers, I am sort of evolving myself and being "re-born", so to speak. This blog will follow some of the musings from my new life. Not so much the nitty-gritty of my personal life (so if you're looking for the scoop on my personal drama or my views on politics, you'll have to step offline for that ;) ). However, I'll document some of the fun bits of my life here; projects, volunteer work, other interests, and mostly just trivia about myself. No real format -- just the cool stuff. So, step into the parlor, have a seat, make yourself at home, and let's have some fun!